Douro Valley

Today I bring you a text about the amazing Douro Valley, located in the North of Portugal. Douro is home to one of the most famous wines in the World. You probably have tried or heard someone talking about Oporto Wine. Well that’s it! Oporto Wine is made in the terraces of the Douro Valley, which has un incredible climate an unique characteristics that provide conditions for this delicacy. Although the region offers these unique natural characteristics, to produce wine you need the help of people. Yes, in Douro, due to the natural “stairs” you can admire in the valley, the harvest cannot be done with te help of machinery. So everything is done manually. This means, that, all the grapes are carefully chosen by the workers. Wow, yeah? The quality is amazing and the flavours are unique. Besides Oporto wine there are some wineries that began producing table wine and they have received a lot of good reviews.

I’ve stayed with friends in a charming convent that will soon become a wine lodge, and I can assure you that it will be a breathtaking place to stay during you visit to Douro Valley. I’ll share the location when its ready,

One of the wineries that we visited was Quinta do Crasto which is one of most well known of the area, because of their old history in wine making and because of their undeniable quality. We had a tasty lunch and tried some of their wines. I have to say that I just loved the single syrah. I could live in that wine!

Last but not least our friends took us to a picnic in one of the margins that was a very beautiful experience. Everything was so well put and the atmosphere was instagram kind, if you know what I mean.

Go and visit Douro, embrace the Wine living!

Douro Valley