Algarve, My Love

I am a southern girl and when the weather starts to get warmer my heart and mind flies directly to the Algarve. This Portuguese region which happens to be my motherland offers a great diversity of beautiful beaches and I can’t take my mind out of all of them. The past weekend, in the Easter festivities I went to the south with a bit more time. I also had the opportunity to catch up with my brother that lives in Oporto. So, we went to visit the city where we lived most of our lives – Albufeira.

Unfortunately, Albufeira became a decharacterized city because of the massive growth of tourism in the ’80s. The buildings were not planned and now they look like a conglomerate of ugly houses. The picturesque and old typical architecture does not exist and the only thing that you see downtown, are neons advertising bad restaurants.

Despite this situation, tourists love to go out in Albufeira. You have a lot of bars with crappy music and most of the people love to drink till they pass out.

For me, the best part of Albufeira is the beaches. Since the popular Fisherman’s beach till the fancy Evaristo beach. In Albufeira, you will find plain beaches, rocky beaches, small and large beaches. You name it, Albufeira has it.

One of my most precious memory is about the smell that embraced Albufeira fisherman’s beach at about 20:30 p.m in August. An amazing smell of sea, sand, and fish that we used to put me high on.

I guess I’m trying to say that although Albufeira is a very touristic place, it also has its charms.

You just have to look carefully!

View from Peneco and Fisherman’s Beach
Tunnel to the Beach
Amazing Shrimps from Taberna Forja in Olhos de Água